Data record too long to be imported (0 or >5000)

You come across this message when you attempt to display the Read Data in LSMW.

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1066952 – Working with legacy data files in LSMW (Unicode, BOM, FTP)

795072 – LSMW: Error in the display of the READ or CONV file

How to upload Bank Masters in SAP

Please use BAUP transaction for country specific uploads or BIC2 for Uploading in International format.

In the IMG under Cross Application Components > Bank Directory > Bank directory data transfer, SAP provides upload programs for some international file formats, if you can’t find one that applies to you, they also provide you with a function module that you can use as a template ‘FILL_BNKA_FIELDS_SAMPLE’…the documentation on the whole procedure is pretty good



Buffering in classification tables

For all classification tables (such as CABN, CABNT, CAWN,CAWNT, KLAH, KSML, INOB, AUSP, SWOR, KLAT, KSSK), the buffering must never be activated in transaction SE11.

If the buffering is activated it can result in various serious problems and inconsistencies in the classification will be immense.