What is smoke test in sap

The term smoke test in SAP means basic transactional tests to find out if the system is up and running fine or not. It helps detecting key SAP transactions, infrastructure and environment related issues before the system is handed over to the users. Automated test scripts can be run in smoke test or selective manual transactions can be executed to test the key transactions.

Runtime error in BP transaction in SAP

When I wanted to migrate business partners in SAP we were getting runtime errors. BP transaction itself when executed manually was also going into dump. After a gruelling debugging exercise, it was noticed that the We welcome you to enjoy a full range of online casino online games and promotions here at one of the very best online casino online sites around. system is seeking some entries in the table TBZ3A_TD. While the client copy was done somehow, SAP has not populated the standard table TBZ3A_TD which is a container of BDT Screens and Subscreens.

In order to solve this problem I ran a standard report i.e. BUSCRCNT (Transaction BUSP). The system populated the screens and subscreens based on different configurations and the BP transaction was successful. This solved my problem.

SAP Help not available / How to configure SAP Help

SAP Help needs to be configured in the system to be available whenever you need it. SAP help is available through internet at any time by going to the link www.help.sap.com as well.

However, to get the application help in a particular transaction instead of branching out from the beginning in the SAP help from online, you need to configure SAP help in your system which is normally done by the basis team at the time of SAP installation. If it is not done by them please log a call with your basis team to execute SR13 transaction to install it.

To get it online directly from the SAP site, please use the tab “PlainHtmlHttp”. Enter a variant (say “SAP Library”), under platform, it should be “WN32”, Area = IWPHELP, Server Name = http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_05 for ECC EHP5 for example, path = helpdata; Language = EN and please check the default check box. Save it.

Deleting Master Data in SAP

You can use the transaction OBR2 for this purpose. For more details please read the program documentation of this transaction by clicking on the information icon in the initial screen of the transaction.

If you are running this deletion program for the first time, then you must start program SAPF047 before deletion in order to generate link information such as linking vendors and customers which are store in the table KLPA.

You can delete Vendor Masters, Customer Masters and GL Accounts using this transaction.

Use of manufacturer part numbers in SAP

You activate USe of Manufacturer part numbers in SAP in the transaction OMT0.

If this indicator is set, you can use materials of this kind (material Type HERS). If this indicator is not set, the system hides the corresponding fields in the material master and deactivates the corresponding checks.

If you do not use materials of this kind, SAP recommends that you cancel the indicator for the following reasons:

  • Reduces the runtime
  • Simplifies material master maintenance

You can set it again at any time.

If you cancel the indicator, the system checks whether materials of this kind have already been used as a reference. If they have, a where-used list is displayed and the indicator cannot be cancelled.

If you use this, you can decide:

  • Whether the entry of an MPN material in the purchase order is mandatory
  • Whether info records may be created for the MPN material or for the firm’s own material
  • Whether the MPN material can be changed during the procurement process and, if so, whether the system then carries out a new price determination process
  • Whether the system is to check the approved manufacturer parts list when an MPN material is entered.

All above can be achived by creating a manufacturer part profile in OMPN Transaction and then assigning this profile in the master record for your firm’s own inventory-managed material.

You can define “Reasons for Blocking Approved Manufacturer Parts” in transaction OAMP

More of this functionality can be referred at:


Configuration T codes in SAP MM / WM

Below you will find most of configuration transaction codes in SAP MM/WM in the areas of Purchasing, MRP, WM, IM, LIV, etc.

Purchasing M/03 Create Conditions Table (Purchasing)
Purchasing M/04 Change Conditions Table (Purchasing)
Purchasing M/05 Displ. Conditions Table (Purchasing)
Purchasing M/06 Condition Type: (Purchasing)
Purchasing M/07 Access: Maintain (Price Purchasing)
Purchasing M/08 Conditions: Schema for Purchasing
Purchasing M/32 Maint. Message Determ. Schema: RFQ
Purchasing M/36 Maintain Message Determ. Schema: PO
Purchasing M/42 Maintain Message Schema: Del. Sched.
Purchasing M/48 Maintain Access Sequences: RFQ
Purchasing M/50 Maintain Access Sequences: PO
Purchasing M/52 Maint. Access Sequences: Outl. Agmt.
Purchasing M/54 Maint. Access Sequences: Del. Sched.
Purchasing M/56 Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQ
Purchasing M/57 Messages: Change Condition Table
Purchasing M/58 Messages: Display CondTab: RFQ
Purchasing M/59 Messages: Create CondTab: Pur. Order
Purchasing M/60 Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. Order
Purchasing M/61 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
Purchasing M/62 Messages: Create CondTab: Del. Schd.
Purchasing M/63 Messages: Change CondTab: Del. Schd.
Purchasing M/64 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched.
Purchasing M/65 Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt.
Purchasing M/66 Messages: Change CondTab: O. Agmt.
Purchasing M/67 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Outl. Agmt.
Purchasing M/68 Maintain Message Schema: Outl. Agmt.
Purchasing OLME IMG View: Purchasing
Purchasing OME1 C MM-PUR Purchasing Value Keys
Purchasing OME2 C MM-PUR Terms of Payment
Purchasing OME4 C MM-PUR Purchasing Groups
Purchasing OME5 C MM-PUR Activate Plant: Source List
Purchasing OME9 C MM-PUR Acct. Assignment Categories
Purchasing OMEC Copying Control Maintenance
Purchasing OMEE C MM-PUR Reorganization RFQ
Purchasing OMEH C MM-PUR User Maintenance
Purchasing OMEI C MM-PUR User Profiles
Purchasing OMEL C MM-PUR Certificate Categories
Purchasing OMEN C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt Time
Purchasing OMEO C MM-PUR Number Ranges: Info Record
Purchasing OMEP C MM-PUR Number Ranges: Source List
Purchasing OMEQ C MM-PUR Quota Arrangement Rules
Purchasing OMES C MM-PUR Comments on Quotation
Purchasing OMET Settings for Function Authorizations
Purchasing OMEW C MM-PUR Requisition Processing Time
Purchasing OMEX C MM-PUR Reorganization: Requisition
Purchasing OMEY C MM-PUR Reorganization PO
Purchasing OMEZ C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract Time
Purchasing OMF0 C MM-PUR Activate Cond. for Plant
Purchasing OMFI Settings for Default Values
Purchasing OMFJ C MM-PUR Rec. Layout for Batch Input
Purchasing OMFK C MM-PUR Field Selection: Vendor
Purchasing OMFM C MM-PUR Schema Groups: Purch. Org.
Purchasing OMFN C MM-PUR Schema Groups: Vendor
Purchasing OMFO C MM-PUR Find Calculation Schema
Purchasing OMFP C MM-PUR Schema Group <-> Pur. Org.
Purchasing OMFQ C MM-PUR Scope of List: Conditions
Purchasing OMFR C MM-PUR Mkt. Price Schema: P. Org.
Purchasing OMFS CC-MM-PUR Chge.-Notice-Relev. Fields
Purchasing OMFT Message Determination Requirements
Purchasing OMFZ C MM-PUR: Stock Transfer Schema
Purchasing OMG0 CS MM-PUR Item Cat./Acc. Assgt. Cat.
Purchasing OMG1 C MM-PUR Commodity Code
Purchasing OMG2 C MM-PUR Customs Offices
Purchasing OMG3 C MM-PUR Modes of Transport
Purchasing OMG4 C MM-PUR Business Transaction Type
Purchasing OMG5 C MM-PUR Default Busn. Trans. Type
Purchasing OMG6 C MM-PUR Import Procedures
Purchasing OMG7 C MM-PUR Authorizations
Purchasing OMG8 C MM-PUR Conditions/Sequence
Purchasing OMG9 C MM-PUR Assignment Conditions/TCode
Purchasing OMGA C MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Central)
Purchasing OMGB C MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Purch.)
Purchasing OMGF C MM-PUR Output Device: Messages
Purchasing OMGG Settings for Message Determination
Purchasing OMGH C MM-PUR: Transaction/Event Keys
Purchasing OMGM Settings for Subcontracting
Purchasing OMGV Intrastat
Purchasing OMGX MM-PUR Form for Buyer”s Neg. Sheet
Purchasing OMGY MM-PUR Buyer”s Neg. Sheet Routines
Purchasing OMH6 Number Ranges for Purch. Documents
Purchasing OMH7 Number Ranges for Purch. Requisition
Purchasing OMH8 Number Ranges for Service Package
Purchasing OMH9 Number Ranges for Entry Sheet
Purchasing OMHJ Purchasing: Condition Index
Purchasing OMHK Batch Input, Purchase Requisitions
Purchasing OMHL C MM-PUR Matchcode Info Record
Purchasing OMHM C MM-PUR Matchcode Requisition
Purchasing OMHN C MM-PUR Matchcode Purch. Document
Purchasing OMHO C MM-PUR Matchcode Source List
Purchasing OMHP Updating of Order Price History
Purchasing OMHS Display Info Record Transfer File
Purchasing OMHT Display Requisition Transfer File
Purchasing OMHU Example File: Batch Input Info Rec.
Purchasing OMHV Example File, Batch Input Requisn.
Purchasing OMI0 Error List for Intrastat Declaration
Purchasing OMKA Conditions: V_T681F for A V
Purchasing OMKE C MM-PUR: Optimize Access
Purchasing OMKF C MM-PUR: Exlusion Indicators
Purchasing OMKG C MM-PUR: Limits
Purchasing OMKH C MM-PUR Reg. Vend. Source of Supply
Purchasing OMKI C MM-PUR Default Purchasing Org.
Purchasing OMKJ C MM-PUR P.Org. Cross-CoCode Release
Purchasing OMKK C MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Material
Purchasing OMKL C MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Acc. Assgt.
Purchasing OMKM C MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Plant
Purchasing OMKN C MM-PUR Assign Tax Inds. to Plant
Purchasing OMKO C MM-PUR Assign Tax Inds. to A. Ass.
Purchasing OMQA C MM-PUR: Take-Back Agreement
Purchasing OMQK Fine-Tuned Control: RFQ
Purchasing OMQL C MM-PUR: Supply Region for Plant
Purchasing OMQN Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order
Purchasing OMQO Fine-Tuned Control: Outl. Agreement
Purchasing OMQP Fine-Tuned Ctr.: Sch. Agmt. Schedule
Purchasing OMQQ Fine-Tuned Control: Service Entry
Purchasing OMQR Assign Schema to RFQ
Purchasing OMQS Assign Schema to Purchase Order
Purchasing OMQT Assign Schema to Outline Agreement
Purchasing OMQU Assign Schema to Sch. Agmt. Schedule
Purchasing OMQV Assign Schema to Service Entry Sheet
Purchasing OMQW Entry Aids w/o Material Master
Purchasing OMRO G/L Account Auth. in Requisition
Purchasing OMRP G/L Account Auth. in Purchase Order
Purchasing OMRQ G/L Account Auth. in Contract
Purchasing OMRR Transaction/Event Key Usage
Purchasing OMRS Transaction/Event Key Usage
Purchasing OMRT Transaction/Event Key Usage
Purchasing OMTA Output Program: RFQ
Purchasing OMTB Output Program: Purchase Order
Purchasing OMTC Output Program: Outline Agreement
Purchasing OMTD Output Program: Delivery Schedule
Purchasing OMTE Output Program: Service Entry Sheet
Purchasing OMTF Output Partner: RFQ
Purchasing OMTG Output Partner: Purchase Order
Purchasing OMTH Output Partner: Outline Agreement
Purchasing OMTI Output Partner: Delivery Schedule
Purchasing OMTJ Output Partner: Service Entry
Purchasing OMZE C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract Extra
Purchasing OX01 Company Code -> Purchasing Org.
Purchasing OX08 Define Purchasing Organization
Purchasing OX17 Plants -> Purchasing organization
Purchasing VOK3 Message Determination: Purchasing
IM MN21 Create Condition: Inventory Mgmt
IM MN22 Change Condition: Inventory Mgmt
IM MN23 Display Condition: Inventory Mgmt
IM MN27 Create message: rough goods receipt
IM MN28 Change message: rough goods receipt
IM MN29 Display message: rough goods receipt
IM OLMB IMG Inventory Management
IM OLMW IMG Valuation/Acct Assgt
IM OMB0 List of document types
IM OMB1 Dynamic Availability Check
IM OMB2 Create SLoc. Automatically (GI)
IM OMB3 Create SLoc. Automatically (GR)
IM OMB4 Maintain Print Indicator (GI)
IM OMB5 Maintain Print Indicator (GR)
IM OMB6 Change Manual Account Assgt.
IM OMB7 Test Data: Init.Entry of Stock Balcs
IM OMB8 Test Data: Reservations Transfer
IM OMB9 Change Document Lives
IM OMBA Number Assgmt. for Accounting Docs.
IM OMBB Batch Where-Used List
IM OMBC Set Missing Parts Check
IM OMBD Business Area from MM View
IM OMBF Control BTCI Sessions for Goods Mvmt
IM OMBG Set Stock Balance Display
IM OMBH Phys. Inventory Settings in Plant
IM OMBI Suggest Items Preselected GR
IM OMBJ Suggest Items Preselected GI
IM OMBK Suggest Items Preselected: Reservtn
IM OMBM Control BTCI Sessions for Reserv.
IM OMBN Defaults for Reservation
IM OMBO Assign Forms and Programs
IM OMBP Freeze Book Inventory Balance
IM OMBR General Print Settings
IM OMBS Reasons for Movements
IM OMBU Allocate Layout Sets to Reports
IM OMBV Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv.
IM OMBW Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement
IM OMBX Stock Balance Display
IM OMBZ Rev. GR Despite Invoice
IM OMC0 Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipt
IM OMC1 Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number
IM OMC2 Number Assignment for Reservations
IM OMC3 Suggest Items Preselected: Phys.Inv.
IM OMC4 BTCI Data Transfer: Inventory Count
IM OMC6 Test Data Transfer: Phys. Inventory
IM OMC7 BTCI Data Transfer: Inv.Count Diff
IM OMC8 BTCI Data Tranfer: Inv. Doc./Count
IM OMC9 BTCI Data Tfr.: Inv.Doc./Count/Diff.
IM OMCC Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvmt
IM OMCD Suggest “Del. Completed” Indicator
IM OMCE Define Batch Level
IM OMCF Print Label
IM OMCG Search Procedures: Batch Determ. MM
IM OMCH Set Manual Account Assignment (GR)
IM OMCJ Screen Layout: Goods Receipt
IM OMCK Inventory Sampling Profile
IM OMCL Inventory Sampling: St. Mgmt Levels
IM OMCM Dynamic Availability Check: GR
IM OMCN Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv.
IM OMCO Set Cycle Counting
IM OMCP Dynamic Availability Check: GI
IM OMCQ Settings for System Messages
IM OMCR Inventory Sampling: St.Mgmt Lvl: WM
IM OMCS Activate Batch Status Management
IM OMCT Batch Definition
IM OMCU Batch Status Management in Plant
IM OMCV Classify Batches
IM OMJ1 Allow Negative Stocks
IM OMJ2 Maintain Phys.Inv.Tolrnce->Employee
IM OMJ3 Printer Determination Plant/SLoc.
IM OMJ4 Printer Determ: Plant/SLoc./User Grp
IM OMJ7 Plant/Val.Area – Divis. -> Busin.Ar.
IM OMJH Maintain Dataset for Phys. Inventory
IM OMJI Set Material Block
IM OMJJ Customizing: New Movement Types
IM OMJK Number Ranges for Reservations
IM OMJL Maintain Print Indicator (autom.MvT)
IM OMJM Comprn plnt/val.area – divis.->BusAr
IM OMJN General field selection: goods mvmnt
IM OMJR Printer Determin.: Message Type/User
IM OMJS Check expiration date at goods issue
IM OMJU Gen. field selection, physical inv.
IM OMJV Subsequent Calculation of Value
IM OMJW Create Purchase Order Automatically
IM OMJX GR Field Selection From Procurement
IM OMJY GR Field Selec. Fr. Procment (Table)
IM OMSB C MM-BD Special Stock Description
IM OMSK C MM-BD Valuation Classes T025
IM OMT1 C MM-BD Consistency Check Updating
IM OMW0 C MM-IV Control Valuation
IM OMW1 C RM-MAT MW Price Control
IM OMW9 C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-u.Csts.Pr.Ch.
IM OMWA C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-up Csts.D/C
IM OMWB C MM-IV Autom. Acct. Assgt. (Simu.)
IM OMWC C MM-IV Split Material Valuation
IM OMWD C RM-MAT MB Grouping Valuation Area
IM OMWF C MM-IV User Maintenance
IM OMWG C RM-MAT MW User Profiles
IM OMWK C MM-IV Authorizations
IM OMWM C MM IV Control: Accnt Determination
IM OMWN MM-IM: Acct Group. Code for Mvt.Type
IM OMWO C MM-PUR: Purchase Account Mgmt
IM OMXL Configure empties processing
IM OX09 Customize storage locations
IM OX10 Customize plant
IM OX14 C MM-IV Valuation area – val. level
IM OX18 Assignment Plants -> Company Code
LIV M804 Message Processing Program (IV)
LIV M806 Message Types (Invoice Verification)
LIV M808 Message Schema (Inv. Verification)
LIV M810 Message Access Sequence (Inv. Ver.)
LIV OLMR IMG Invoice Verification
LIV OMR0 C MM-IV Autom. Acct. Assgt. (Simu.)
LIV OMR14 Define Variant Name
LIV OMR2 C RM-MAT MR Default Incoming Invoice
LIV OMR3 C MM-IV Default Account Maintenance
LIV OMR4 MM-IV Doc.Type/NK Incoming Invoice
LIV OMR5 MM-IV Doc.Type/NR Acct Maintenance
LIV OMR6 Tolerance limits: Inv.Verification
LIV OMR8 C RM-MAT MR PO Supplement
LIV OMR9 C RM-MAT MR Payment Block Reasons
LIV OMRA C MM-IV Val.Cat./Subs.Debit/Credit
LIV OMRB C MR Tolerance Groups
LIV OMRC C MR Alloc. User/Tolerance Group
LIV OMRDC Configure Duplicate Invoice Check
LIV OMRF C MM_IV Activate Stochastic Block
LIV OMRG C MM-IV Stochastic Block Values
LIV OMRH C MM-IV Activate Item Amount Check
LIV OMRI C MM-IV Item Amount Check Parameters
LIV OMRK Mail to Purchasing
LIV OMRL Tax Version
LIV OMRMA Screen Selection Initial Screen
LIV OMRMB Screen Selection Header Data Screen
LIV OMRU Sender Texts, Form
LIV OMRV Invoice Status Change
LIV OMRX Vendor-Specific Tolerances
LIV OMRY EDI Program Parameters
LIV OMRZ Runtime Invoice Document Archiving
WM LN09 Number Range Maintenance: LVS_LBELN
WM LS10 Generate Storage Bins
WM OL19 Generate Distribution Model
WM OL20 Consistency Check (Centr.Processing)
WM OL21 Consistency Check (Decentr.Process.)
WM OL22 Check LE /HU Number Assignment
WM OLML IMG structure Warehouse Management
WM OMK0 Link to PP interface
WM OMK1 Batch search method for Whse Mgmt
WM OMK2 Customer exits for strategies
WM OMK7 Batch WM….. (will be stonsgame.net deleted)
WM OMKW Stock removal strategy “SLED”
WM OMKX Automatic Transfer Orders
WM OMKY Link to External System via ALE
WM OMKZ Automatic Transfer Orders
WM OML1 Overview of Criticl Whse Monitor Obj
WM OML2 Var. Report RLLL01SE: TOs
WM OML3 Var. Report RLLL02SE: TR Items
WM OML4 Var. Report RLLL03SE: Post.Chge Doc.
WM OML5 Var. Report RLLL04SE: Deliveries
WM OML6 Var. Report RLLL05SE: Negative Stock
WM OML7 Var. Report RLLL06SE: Interim Stock
WM OML8 Var. Report RLLL07SE: Stock Product.
WM OML9 Customizing MOB Interface
WM OMLA Putaway Near Picking Bin
WM OMLB MObj.01: Critical TOs
WM OMLC MObj.02: Critical TRs
WM OMLD MObj.03: Critical Post. Chge Notices
WM OMLE M.Obj.04: Critical Deliveries
WM OMLF M.Obj.05: Negative Stocks
WM OMLG M.Obj.06: Stocks Interim Stor.Bins
WM OMLH M.Obj.07: Critical Stocks in Prod.
WM OMLI Report Variant: Single Entry ActData
WM OMLJ Movement Types for Whse Management
WM OMLK Default Values for Inventory
WM OMLL WM Movement Type: Clear Invent.Diff.
WM OMLM Definition Empty Bin Index
WM OMLN Warehouse Control Link
WM OMLO Sectioning of Storage Bins
WM OMLP Plan Jobs for Whse Activity Monitor
WM OMLQ Stock Removal Strategy FIFO
WM OMLR WM Interface to Inventory Management
WM OMLS Stock Removal Strategy LIFO
WM OMLT Stock Removal Strat. Partial Qty
WM OMLU Stock Placement Strategy Empty Bin
WM OMLV Print Control for Whse Management
WM OMLW Number Ranges for Whse Management
WM OMLX Confirmation
WM OMLY Storage Type Search
WM OMLZ Storage Section Search
WM OMM1 Storage Bin Type Search
WM OMM2 Haz.Material Stock Placement
WM OMM3 Stock Placement Strat.for Pallets
WM OMM4 Putaway Strategy for Bulk Storage
WM OMM5 Storage Type Definition
WM OMM6 Storage Type Definition
WM OMM7 Storage Type Maintenance
WM OMM8 Stock Removal Strat. Stringent FIFO
WM OMM9 Stock Removal Strat. Large/Small
WM OMMA Print Assignment per Storage Type
WM OMMB Inventory No.Ranges for Whse Mgmt
WM OMMC Printer Assignment per WM Mov.Type
WM OMMD Confirmation Ctrl per Storage Type
WM OMME Confirmation Ctrl per Movement Type
WM OMMF Number Ranges per Warehouse
WM OMMG Number ranges physical inventory
WM OMMH Type Search per Movement
WM OMMI Section Check per Storage Type
WM OMMJ Storage Unit Check per Storage Type
WM OMMK Putaway Strategies
WM OMML Hazardous Materials Storage Type
WM OMMM Storage Type Maintenance
WM OMMN Stringent FIFO Storage Type
WM OMMO Consistency Check for MM-WM Tables
WM OMMP Decentralized Warehouse Management
WM OMMQ Pre-allocated stock
WM OMMR Group numbers
WM OMMS Reference Number Documents
WM OMMT Reference Number Documents 2
WM OMMU Link to Decentralized Unit
WM OMMV Accumulation Decentralized
WM OMMW Error Recovery Decentralized
WM OMMX Printer Determination
WM OMMY Print Code
WM OMMZ Spool Parameters for WM Print Ctrl
WM OMN0 Control of Transaction Codes (MM-WM)
WM OMN1 Print Reference Number
WM OMN2 Stor.Type Control, Block Storage
WM OMN3 Storage Classes Allowed
WM OMN4 Storage Section Search
WM OMN5 Storage Units Allowed
WM OMN6 Storage Bin Type Search
WM OMN7 Storage Type Search
WM OMN8 Difference Indicators
WM OMN9 Block Sectioning
WM OMNA Assignment for Bin Sectioning
WM OMNB Assignment PF Status
WM OMNC Control of Subsequent Screen
WM OMND Field Selection for Whse Mgmt
WM OMNE Control of Transactions in MM-WM
WM OMNF Requirement Types for Whse Mgmt
WM OMNG Queues Warehouse Management System
WM OMNH APPC Interface per Warehouse Number
WM OMNI Print Program per Warehouse Number
WM OMNJ Link to Warehouse Control Unit
WM OMNK Inventory Control per Storage Type
WM OMNL Warehouse Number Maint./Inventory
WM OMNM Define Mail Recipient
WM OMNN Conversion Exit SU Number
WM OMNO Define Mail Recipient
WM OMNQ Special Movement Indicators
WM OMNR TO Print Control with SU Management
WM OMNS Print Code for TOs with SU Mgmt
WM OMNT Printer Pool for SU Management
WM OMNU Print Control with SU Management
WM OMNV Number Range Intervals for Whse Mgmt
WM OMNW System Parameters for Dec.Whse Mgmt
WM OMNX Bulk Storage Indicators
WM OMNY Access Strategy for Stor.Type Search
WM OMNZ Parameters for Activity in WM
CBP MD93 Maintain Number Range: MDSM
CBP OLMD Customizing For MRP
CBP OM0A Storage Mode for MRP Lists
CBP OM0C Requirements Grouping
CBP OM0D Period Profile for Safety Time
CBP OM0E Define Scope of Planning
CBP OM0F Convert MDVM/MDVL for MRP Areas
CBP OM0I Declaration Selection Rule
CBP OM0J Declaration Display Filter
CBP OM0K Define Navigation Profile
CBP OM0L Texts for Exception Groups
CBP OM0M Define MRP Views
CBP OM0N Activate Parallel Reading of SRL
CBP OM0O Evaln Profile Ranges of Coverage
CBP OM0P Define Extraction Mode
CBP OM0R Activate Material Groupings
CBP OMD0 C RM-MAT MRP Controllers
CBP OMD2 C RM-MAT MD Weighting Groups
CBP OMD3 C RM-MAT MD Exception Message T458A
CBP OMDR C MD Run Time Statistics
CBP OMDS C MD Number of Planned Orders
CBP OMDT C MM-MRP External Procurement
CBP OMDV C MD Convert Planning Run
CBP OMDW C MD Rescheduling
CBP OMDX C MD Planning Horizon
CBP OMDY C MD Planning Run Abend
CBP OMDZ C MD MRP Creation Indicator
CBP OMI1 C MD Safety Stock
CBP OMI2 C MM-MRP Number Ranges: Mat. plg.
CBP OMI3 C MM-MRP No. Ranges for Pld Ords
CBP OMI4 C MD Lot Sizes
CBP OMI5 C MD Item Numbers
CBP OMI7 C MM-MRP No. Ranges for Pld Ords
CBP OMI8 Plant Parameters
CBP OMI9 PP MRP C Direct Procurement
CBP OMIA C MRP Range of Coverage Profile
CBP OMIB C MRP Start Times – Background Jobs
CBP OMIC MatMasterCust.:Batch Job Start Times
CBP OMIG MRP Group per Material Type
CBP OMIH Check. rule for updating backorders
CBP OMII Missing Parts Controller
CBP OMIL Sel. Receipt Elements for Coverage
CBP OMIM Maximum MRP Period
CBP OMIN Firming Scheduling Agreements
CBP OMIO Screen Seq. MRP List ; Ext.Header
CBP OMIP Reference Plant for MRP Master Data
CBP OMIQ Destinations Parallel MRP
CBP OMIR Storage Location MRP
CBP OMIS Convert Planned Order -> Prod. Order
CBP OMIT Start Date in the Past
CBP OMIU Action Code – Planned Order Control
CBP OMIV Action Control – Planned Order
CBP OMIW BOM Explosion
CBP OMIX Text: User Exit Planning Run
CBP OMIY Plng File Entries for Goods Mvmts
CBP OMPG Maintain Consumption Mode
CBP OPP1 Customizing MRP
CBP OPP3 Customizing Repetitive Manufacturing
CBP OPPA PP/MRP Customizing Explosion
CBP OPPB Direct Procurement
CBP OPPC Period Grouping
CBP OPPD Customizing Planning Time Fence
CBP OPPE Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.Order
CBP OPPF Customizing for Order Report
CBP OPPH Customizing Purchase Req. Conversion
CBP OPPI Available Stock
CBP OPPJ MRP Checking Rule
CBP OPPK Hierarchy Element
CBP OPPM Evaluation Profiles
CBP OPPP Customizing Direct Procurement
CBP OPPS Strategy
CBP OPPT Strategy Group
CBP OPPU Strategy Group for MRP Group
CBP OSPN Background Job: Adjmt. of Dep. Reqs
Services AC10 Class Hierarchy with Services
Services M/10 Condition Type: Services
Services M/11 Access: Maintain (Price Services)
Services M/12 Conditions: Schema for Services
Services M/13 Create Condition Table (Service)
Services M/14 Change Condition Table (Services)
Services M/15 Display Condition Table (Services)
Services M/16 Conditions: Var. Schema for Service
Services M/70 Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh.
Services M/71 Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh.
Services M/72 Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh.
Services M/73 Maintain Access Sequences: Entry
Services M/74 Maintain Access Sequences: Entry
Services M/75 Maintain Messages: Serv. Entry Sheet
Services M/76 Display Messages: Entry
Services M/77 Maintain Message Schema: Entry Sheet
Services M/78 Disp. Message Determ. Schema: Entry
Services ME2S Services per Purchase Order
Services ME3S Service List for Contract
Services MEDL Price Change: Contract
Services MEW10 Service Entry in Web
Services MEW7 Release of Service Entry Sheets
Services MEW8 Release of Service Entry Sheet
Services MEWS Service Entry (Component)
Services ML01 Create Standard Service Catalog
Services ML02 Maintain Standard Service Catalog
Services ML03 Display Standard Service Catalog
Services ML05 Purchasing Object for Service
Services ML10 Create Model Service Specifications
Services ML100 Calculate Taxes at Service Level
Services ML11 Change Model Service Specifications
Services ML12 Display Model Service Specifications
Services ML15 List of Model Service Specifications
Services ML20 Create Conditions
Services ML30 Create Vendor Conditions
Services ML31 Change Vendor Conditions
Services ML32 Display Vendor Conditions
Services ML33 Create Vendor Conditions
Services ML34 Change Vendor Conditions
Services ML35 Display Vendor Conditions
Services ML36 Create Vendor Conditions
Services ML37 Change Vendor Conditions
Services ML38 Display Vendor Conditions
Services ML39 Create Vendor Conditions
Services ML40 Change Vendor Conditions
Services ML41 Display Vendor Conditions
Services ML42 Create Service Conditions
Services ML43 Change Vendor Conditions
Services ML44 Display Vendor Conditions
Services ML45 Display Service Conditions
Services ML46 Change Service Conditions
Services ML47 Display Service Conditions
Services ML48 Create Conditions
Services ML49 Change Conditions
Services ML50 Display Conditions
Services ML51 Create Conditions
Services ML52 Change Conditions
Services ML53 Create Conditions
Services ML81 Maintain Service Entry Sheet
Services ML81N Service Entry Sheet
Services ML82 Display Service Entry Sheet
Services ML83 Message Processing: Service Entry
Services ML84 List of Service Entry Sheets
Services ML85 Collective Release of Entry Sheets
Services ML86 Import Service Data
Services ML87 Export Service Data
Services ML89 Definition of Formulas
Services ML90 Field Selection for Services
Services ML91 Stand. Values f. Ext.Services Mgmt.
Services ML92 Entry Sheets for Service
Services ML93 Purchasing Object for Service
Services ML94 External Services Mgmt.: Direct Call
Services ML95 List Display: Contracts for Service
Services ML96 Purchase Requisitions for Service
Services ML97 Recompile Index
Services ML98 Std. EKORG Values f. Ext. Srv. Mgmt.
Services ML99 Formula Variable IDs
Services MLRP Periodic Invoicing Plans
Services MLS5 Import Standard Service Type
Services MLS6 Report for Standard Service Catalog
Services MLV1 Conditions: Services
Services MLV2 Create Total Price (PRS)
Services MLV3 Create Total Price (PRS)
Services MLV4 Create Total Price (PRS)
Services MLV5 Change Currency (Contracts)
Services MLV6 Create Other
Services MN13 Create Message: Service Entry Sheet
Services MN14 Change Message: Service Entry Sheet
Services MN15 Display Message: Service Entry Sheet
Services MSRV1 List for Service
Services MSRV2 Service List for Requisition
Services MSRV3 Service List for Purchase Order
Services MSRV4 Service List for RFQ
Services MSRV5 Service List for Contract
Services MSRV6 Service List for Entry Sheet
Services OLMSRV Customizing MM-SRV
Services OM1R Maint. Periodic Invoicing Plan Types
Services OM2R Maint. partial invoicing plan types
Services OM3R Maintain Date IDs
Services OM4R Maint. Date Cat. for Invoicing Plan
Services OM5R Default Date Category for Inv. Plan
Services OM6R Maintain Dates
Services OM7R Rule Table for Date Determination
Services OM8R Invoicing Plan: Blocking Reasons
Services OM9R Purch. Order: Reasons for Rejection
Services OMCB Service Lists
Services OMCI Scope of List: Service Lists
Services OMH0 Interface to Activity Allocation
Services OMK8 Services: Exclusion Indicator
Services OMQM C MM-PUR Matchcode: Entry Sheet
LoGen OMS1 Units of Measure Grouping
LoGen OMS2 Maintain Material Types
LoGen OMS2OLD C MM-BD Material Types
LoGen OMS3 Configure Industry Sectors
LoGen OMS4 C MM-BD Material Status
LoGen OMS5 C MM-BD Set Up Laboratory
LoGen OMS6 C MM-BD Storage Condition(s)
LoGen OMS7 C MM-BD Temperature Condition(s)
LoGen OMS8 C MM-BD Container Requirement(s)
LoGen OMS9 Configure Field/Screen Selection
LoGen OMSA C MM-BD T130W Plant-Specific
LoGen OMSD C MM-BD F. Sel. Spec.   T148G
LoGen OMSE C MM-BD F. Sel. Reference T148W
LoGen OMSF C MM-BD Material Groups
LoGen OMSH C MM-BD Matchcode for Material
LoGen OMSM CS MM Set Up Administrative Data
LoGen OMSR C MM-BD Field Groups
LoGen OMSS C MM-BD Field Groups: Special Stocks
LoGen OMST C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPUT
LoGen OMSU C MM-BD Mat. Master Data Transfer
LoGen OMSW C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPUT
LoGen OMSY C MM-BD Company Code for Matl Master
LoGen OMT0 C MM-BD Global Setting
LoGen OMT5 Auth. Group MatMaster (Inactive)
LoGen OMT8 Transfer Material Master Data by DI
LoGen OMY1 Create Input File from Material

Finding Transport Requests for a given customizing table or IMG Activity

In implementation projects, some times mistakes do happen by consultants which lead to various issues. When I started analyzing a missing customizing entry in our quality system which was there already earlier, I found out the following method to trace the correct transport which has caused the problem.


Most of the configurations have either a table (rare) or a view (joins of more than one table) which are customizing table. So find out the table or the view in which the configuration is done by clicking F1 in any field of a customizing entry and from Technical information, pick up the Table Name. It might be a table or a view. You need this entry in the next step.

As the next step, execute SE16 with table E071 and enter the table name in the field “Object Name” and execute. You will see the list of transports which have touched this table. Now you can analyze the objects in each transports in SE01 to figure out where it went wrong and who did this as well.


In SPRO click on Additional Information in the menu bar and put your cursor in Additional Information –>Display Key–>IMG Activity. This will add another column in SPRO under the heading Additional Information and it will list the IMG Activity in many of the Configuration nodes. Copy this and enter in IMG Activity Selection field in E071 table under SE16 and execute. You will see the list of transports which have touched this table. Now you can analyze the objects in each transports in SE01 to figure out where it went wrong and who did this as well.


Storage Type Indicator

When someone mentions storage type indicator, it is always referred to the stock removal indicator and stock placement indicator in WM1 view of the material master.

Storage type indicator for stock removal is the Indicator that determining the storage types to be selected by the system and the priority in which they are accessed for stock removal. You can predefine up to ten storage types in hierarchical order.

Storage type indicator for stock placement is the indicator that determines the storage types to be selected by the system and the priority in which they are accessed for stock placements. You can predefine up to ten storage types when defining strategies for storage type searches.

You define both these indicators in Customizing for Warehouse Management and assign it to a warehouse number. You then have to add an entry in the storage type search table to link the storage type indicator and the storage type