Business Partner Category in SAP

In my present project, we had an issue that Employee Vendors got created in the system as Organization instead of Person while the system created business partners automatically.

While debugging the system behavior, it is noticed that the system sets Organization as the default Business Partner Category in the method “MAP_VENDORS_TO_BPS” within in class “CVI_MAPPER” and then decides the partner category based on the Title settings in the configuration for different business partner categories.

The configuration settings for possible business partner categories (Organisation, Person, Group) against the BP Role Category is not seen by the system for deciding the business partner category. Desired behavior of defaulting it from this configuration is overlooked in SAP. Rather it decides based on the Title settings in the unciescasino configuration for different business partner categories. Settings for this can be found in the node for “Maintain Forms of Address”. If Person is checked only, then only system sets the BP as Person and if Group is only checked, then it creates BP as Group and in any other combinations, the system creates the BP as Organization.

Please note that once the BP is created the Business Partner Category can not be changed later on. The only option is to delete the business partner in BUPA_DEL transaction and then after correcting the title settings the transactions FLBPC1 can be used to create it again. If you have maintained the number range as external and have done the config settings for having the same number in the config node “Define Number Assignment for Direction Vendor to BP”, the BP will be created with the same earlier number with the correct Business Partner Category.