User Name doesn’t appear in ME29N

Title bar in ME29N is of the format “Release &1 &2” where &1 is the description of the PO Document type and &2 is the PO number.

Title bar in ME22N/ME23N is of the format “&1 &2 Created by &3” where &1 is the description of the PO Document type, &2 is the PO Number and &3 is the User Name ( Fname+Lname)

If you click on the change-display icon  in ME29N it will take you to the PO in display mode and the Title bar shows the User name because it takes the control to that of ME23N title display.

Please note that these things can not be changed as they are not controlled by any configurations. These are standard SAP features and can not be changed without developments.

Unable to load actual cost for the projects with sap error BP 603 – Item & budget exceeded

If you have activated availability control and if the actual cost is higher than the budget, it will throw this error while data uploads for actual costs. Please note that even if you have not activated the availability control, while uploading the budget, system automatically activates the availability control and you come across this error even if the message is warning.

Generally before Go Live of any project, the availability control is switched off to avoid this issue. After data migration is completed, the availability control is switched on in CJBN before delivering the system to the client just before Go Live. But before running CJBN, SAP recommends that you reconstruct the  PS Info Database with transaction CJEN.

Export options missing in SAP Reports

You probably have missing authorization for the authorization object S_GUI. You check this with SU53 transaction after executing an report. If this authorization has failed, please ask your basis administrator to add the role having this authorization object.

To find out which role it contains, please execute SUIM –> Roles –> By Authorization Object and then enter S_GUI and execute. Select the most appropriate role and intimate your basis team to add it. This node can be accessed directly with transaction S_BCE_68001422.