Upload historical material consumption data in SAP

Program MVER_DI is used to update hostorical consumption data for materials to get updated in table MVER or DVER.

For details please look at SAP Note 200547 – Program: Direct input for consumption values. You will find the MVER_WRITE_FILE in the correction instructions in this note.

Modify the program as per your requirement and upload the input file in special character format and give the logical file path of this file as input to the program MVER_DI.

Project Stock withdrawals not updated in material consumption

The material consumption is generally only updated for the make-to-stock warehouse stock. By means of this consumption statistics you can forecast the future requirements and plan the material requirements according to the historic data.
However, such an MRP is not required for the sales order stock or Project stock since material requirements are planned requirements-based in this case. Therefore, an update of the consumption statistics for sales order stock and project stock  is not desirable because consumption from these stocks would have an effect on MRP twice. Hence the system behaves as desired.

Deleting a Reservation created from PS in SAP

Reservations created automatically from PS, PP, MRP, CS, etc can not be deleted as it is possible for manually created Reservations. Such auto created reservations can only be deleted from the component which has created it. In most of the components, you can also set Final Issue Indicator which will will render the reservation in-effective.  After this indicator is set from the source component, MBVR can delete it.

Example Reservations created from PS: In the Tab for procurement parameters (Proc.Param tab) Final Issue Indicator needs to be set to free the reservation created from PS.

You set a reservation with Deletion indicator if it is created manually, else if it is auto created, the deletion flag can be set from the application which created it (say PS, CS, etc) and then you use transaction MBVR (Manage Det er ingen tvil om at vi her har med et vaskekte og hoykvalitets casino pa nett a gjore, og det er bestandig morsomt a fa introdusere helnorske casinoer til vare lesere. Reservation) to delete the reservations. You also use this transaction to allow goods movement against a reservation.

For deletion, select the parameter “Set deletion indicator/delete”. The system will check whether all the items of a reservation can be deleted. This is the case if the requirement date of the reservation item is earlier than the date calculated from “base date – number of days”.

If the indicator “Only closed items” has been set, the reservation item must, in addition, either have been completely issued/withdrawn (quantity < = quantity withdrawn) or marked with the “final issue” indicator.

If all items of a reservation are marked as deleted, the entire reservation will be physically deleted. If this is not the case, those items that have fulfilled the deletion criteria will be marked with a deletion indicator. However, the reservation will remain in the system.