How to create SAP CTS project

You can create a CTS project in the transaction SPRO_ADMIN. You can create a project if you have authorisation for the auth object S_PROJECT. You can refer the HELP portal to follow the step by step instructions.

After creating the project, please specify the scope by following the step by step instructions in the HELP portal and generate the project.

After generating, you need to activate CTS Project for your consultants to be able to create transports in this project or assign existing transports to this project. For this please go to the tab “Transp. Requests” in the transaction SPRO_ADMIN and click on the “Activate SAP CTS Project” push button and save the project.

This project is now available for consultants to use for assigning transports and/or creating transports on this project.




Assigning Partner to Vendor in SAP

If you have created Vendor and Business partner separately they can be linked together. Please use transaction code FLBPC2 for this purpose. Ideally you should ensure that they have the same number which you can manage by maintaining the external numbering for one of them while creating differently.