Material Number range got reset in SAP

If you are doing any changes to settings in the Material Types or in the Field Selection, system resets the number range of the material types you have changed the configurations. So you need to change the number range again in the target system where you are transporting these changes.

You need to be very careful if you are transporting such changes into a productive system.

Missing and overlapping fields in BP screens in SAP

After upgrade to EHP6 from EHP5 in ECC6 we had corrupted screens where some fields got currupted. Some fields went missing and were sitting on top of other fields in the screen. The problem got resolved after re-generating the screens. Issues like thisĀ happen most likely after an upgrade.

You need to regenerate the carrier dynpros by following the below listed steps:
1. Transaction BUSP
2. Select ‘all Screens’
3. Press F8

Once the programm is finished, the issue should be solved.