Services for Object Icon is missing in VA22/VA23/VA32/VA33/VA42/VA43/VA02/VA03

SD Transactions for quotation, Contract, Scheduling Agreement, Contract, Sales Orders, etc do not have “Services for Objects” icon activated. Due to performance issues, SAP has de-activated the GOS functionalities for these SD objects beginning from Version 4.7.

However, this can be activated again individually by setting user/profile parameter SD_SWU_ACTIVE = X in the user paraneters using either SU01 or SU3.

Please refer notes 1466810 – Object services missing in SD Sales transactions  and 598073 – Message “No service available”  in this regard.

Because of technical restrictions in SD the functionality Object services are not available in the SD create transactions (e.g. VA01, VA21…).

If you want to activate it for an object where it is not available, you have to take help from your technical consultant to activate it through enhancements. The Class CL_GOS_MANAGER is used for activating the GOS toolbar.