Shipping tab in STO not appearing. VL10B not successful. What might be the reasons?

Shipping tab in STO appears if the system is able to determine the shipping data for the line item. For this check the followings:

  1. In Customizing for Purchasing, a delivery type must be assigned to the purchasing document type of the STO  in the node Materials Management ->Purchasing ->Purchase Order ->Set up Stock Transport Order ->Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule
  2. The customer number of the receiving plant, the sales organization and Division in which it will operate must also be maintained in Customizing for Purchasing in the node Materials Management ->Purchasing ->Purchase Order ->Set up Stock Transport Order ->Define Shipping Data for Plants
  3. In LE Customizing, the shipping point determination must be maintained. check in Logistics Execution ->Shipping ->Basic Shipping Functions ->Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination ->Assign Shipping Points
  4. In the material master record, shipping data must be maintained i.e. the material must have proper loading group and must be extended to the sales organization, distribution channel and division in which the plant’s customer master record is created and maintained in the configuration mentioned in point 2 above.
  5. Finally the Customer must be created in the Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division as maintained in point 1 above with a proper Shipping Condition for which Shipping Point Determination is configured.

If all the checks above are OK, the shipping tab in the STO will get determined and you can create a replenishment delivery in VL10B as well. 

Please maintain the above data for the sending plant as well so that the STO on the reverse process works perfectly.

For the return PO process to work properly with shipping, besides the above configurations, ensure to maintain the customer number in the vendor master assigned to this plant and vice versa and ensure Return Indicator in the vendor masters.